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Home EV Chargers Made Easy! 

About Rick
Electric Car Charging Station by CarChargerGuy San Diego / Oceanside

Hi! I'm Rick, the

"Car Charger Guy"

I am a licensed and insured electrician with a specific expertise installing home car charging stations.  With 30 plus years of electrical experience you can feel confident your EV charger will be installed safely and correctly!


P.S. Customers love us.

Rick Franks, Owner
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How We do it
Tesla electric cars
Mercedes Benz electric cars
BMW electric cars
Lexus electric cars
Nissan electric cars
Volkswagen VW electric cars
Porsche electric cars
Kia electric cars
Toyota electric cars
Polestar electric cars
Volvo electric cars
Ford electric cars
Rivian electric cars

Experience Matters

I am a certified Tesla and ChargePoint installer. 

If you already have a Level II charger I can install it for you. If you need help deciding which charger to get I can guide you in purchasing the right one for your particular vehicle.


What is the difference between a Level I and Level II charger?


A Level I charger is supplied by a 120 volt outlet (your standard US household outlet) which can deliver up to 1.9 kw of power. This “trickle charge” typically takes 17-25 hrs. Painfully slow!

A Level II charger is supplied by  a 240v circuit between 32-48 amps which can deliver up to 11.5 kw of power. This “fast charge” only takes about 4-6 hrs.

Ready to start charging your EV at home?
Text the following

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  • Electric panel:  Photo of the breakers inside  your home panel.
    Click here for an example


  • Charger location: Where will you place the EV Charger?

  • Distance: How many feet from the panel to the EV charger?

Electric Car
Electrical Panel

The Car Charger Guy has experience installing all types of car chargers in San Diego.

Crowded electrical panel?
No problem!

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