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Charging an Electric Car

How do Car Chargers Work?

Electric car chargers usually draw current from a 240v outlet, but it can also be hardwired. This power is managed by breakers in the home's electrical panel which delivers that electricity to the vehicle like other appliances. So, it's important the car is powered through a breaker capable of the load.

Level 1 chargers draw less electric, but charge slowly. This is why Level 2 chargers are more common.


Level 1 and Level 2 Car Chargers


Will my electric panel support a car charger?

We all want the fastest charge possible. But, the faster speed takes more power. This is why I encourage inspecting the electric panel before buying an EV or a charger.

In a condo or an older home, you may have a small panel, such as 60 amps. It's difficult to charge an EV (and power appliances like air conditioners) with a panel under 100 amps.

Consider this:

Do you have enough power? 
Do you have unused breakers?

Is the outlet shared with appliances?

Car Charger guy can solve
your home EV charging needs.

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